Dear Lynn
Our session today was particularly meaningful and healing, and I’m so grateful for your continued supportive presence in my life. The guides may work through you, but your energy, as a kind compassionate soul, has had a very therapeutic impact. It has been a rough six months, and the tone and texture of your words as much as their meaning, were very powerful. The beautiful warm and soft energy that flooded my system at the end of the session felt like an exquisite gift. Thank you and warmest wishes,

Dear Lynn,
Thank you cannot convey the impact you have had on my life. Thank you for sharing your immense gift to make my (and others) journey in this lifetime a little easier. Our session was one of the most profound, life changing moments, enlightening moments I have ever had. I have not stopped thinking about it and Will carry it with me always. All the best to you and thank you again,

Dearest Lynn,
My deepest , heartfelt thanks for today’s connection. Every word resonated with me It gave me such joy, encouragement and affirmation that will stay with me for years to come. My past life info, my guides, adventurous future to look forward to, and being with parents ..... such joy and love. When you said , “hello from Burt”.... it was on!!!!!!  I so happy you enjoyed my parents and their words for me. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me and I am forever grateful for today
Love, Joan

I was a non-believer! I was gifted a session with Lynn after telling a friend that I wished I could talk to my late husband, and I was blown away! She not only brought in my beloved husband but my mom, dad, and aunt and uncle. She knew things she couldn't possibly have known if she read every blog post. It was really healing to know that my loved ones were all together, and I had a sense of peace after the call. Lynn has a gift and turned me into a believer. 
Shelly Lefkoe, CA
The Lefkoe Institute

There is only one Lynn Austin. I hate to say-- I don’t like psychics. Lynn is different. Her sessions are not just predictive but healing. From the first time we spoke, I watched my world shift. There is NO ONE I would endorse with this much conviction. Her work is out of this world and yet so grounded. I rely on her for healing/insight and teachings ever since we met.
Debra Silverman, M.A.
Author/ The Missing Element
Debra Silverman Astrology
Applied Astrology School

Lynn Austin is one of the most effective genuine intuitive healers of our time. She’s truly remarkable and everyone I have referred her way have come back amazed and dumbfounded. Highly recommend her !!”
Colette Baron-Reid
Hay House Author / Spiritual Medium
Mystical Awesomeness Creator
Founder and CEO of Oracle School

Dearest Lynn
If I tried to properly thank you for what you've done for me...done for my would fall so desperately short. There really are no words for what I felt yesterday. Suffice to say that when we said goodbye and hung up the phone, I leapt from my seat and with sobbing laughter and joy yelled, "mom! we did it!" and then I danced around and jumped about. It was pure joy. 
Yesterday changed my entire life. It changed the way I view the world, this life, and death. And most importantly, it gave me the assurance that my dear, sweet, beautiful mama is okay. She's more than okay. She's beaming and radiant and full of joy.
The relief that this brings to me and my family is indescribable. So, while it may fall so short, I say thank you Lynn. For sharing your abilities. For your open heart. For channeling my mother and all of the light and love that she is. 
Today and every day forward I am sending you love and immeasurable gratitude.
Please tell me if there is anything in the world that I can ever do for you in return. 
With warmth and love,
Nicole R., ~ MT

I am by nature a rationalist. I seek the how, the why, the wherefore in every situation.  In the aftermath of my husband’s death, at 41 of leukemia, I started down a new path that previously would have been unthinkable. But with the help of some gifted people, and very specifically Lynn, I’ve come to see that there can be realities as real as this table in front of me whose mechanics are  incomprehensible to me - and that’s okay.  My two readings with Lynn were deeply meaningful and soul-enlivening. She named several of the people closest to us, including our twin 4-year old boys - and conveyed massages from my husband to many of them. And moreover she “got” the relationship he and  I share with in ways that astounded me and have continued to be deeply meaningful and inspirational long after the readings. Lynn has helped me know with real certainty that is still with me, still with us.  She is an amazing talent and a gift. 
-Marc L. Berkeley, CA

Lynn Austin, Psychic medium
Lynn pretty much blows my mind every time. I’ve had many sessions with her over the years + she is ALWAYS right. It’s freaky. She channels loved ones that have passed (often knows their names) and delivers powerful messages that bring me to tears. Her readings are magical.

Dearest Lynn,
I wanted to send this to you while my feelings are fresh so that I can express the depth of gratitude that I feel.
As a mom I thank you for the amazing reading and healing you did for Angelina. I could feel your sweetness and mother energy as you navigated her through the depths of her first real psychic reading and simultaneous healing. My heart was so touched by your gentleness and love. You not only helped her tremendously, but you have helped heal my aching “Mothers heart” who has been watching all the pain and heart ache and being her sole support helping her get through all of it. 
I also appreciate the partnership you have with me in validating that as a healer that I do see and “get” the information and you just voice it for me. (And then extra stuff I didn’t even know!) I also appreciate your amazing support of who I am as a healer. 
Your gifts amaze and humble me and leave me speechless at times. You are such a gift to the world and I thank you for sharing that gift with us. 
I wish I could totally express in writing what I am feeling. I KNOW you can feel it though ;)
With the Deepest of Gratitude,
J.M. ~ CA

I have had 2 readings with Lynn now and Lynn does not disappoint! I am embarrassed that I sometimes find it hard not to gab on about my issues but sense a very patient voice at the other end of the line. She is even great about all the foreign names that come through. That’s a gift! Both times I’ve come away feeling calmer and that my loved ones are SO close. Thank you, Lynn, you’ve brought Heaven to my doorstep!
M.L. ~ UK

Dear Lynn,
The world is truly blessed to have your amazing gifts at this critical time.
And, for me personally, you have provided one of the purest and most supreme hearings I have ever received.
Thank you so much!
R.W. ~ CA

Hi Lynn,
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience your remarkable gift yesterday. And to connect with my mother. It was powerful, emotional and exhausting. But it was life-changing for me as well. I feel as though I have some closure. And I am so beyond grateful for that as well. 
S.B. ~ Los Angeles, CA

Lynn, I'm sure you hear this all the time....but let me say it again.  What you do is phenomenal! A total game changer!
I have great intuition... and it just improved 100%.... as did my entire paradigm. What I wondered about is now all confirmed.
My life has just gotten sooo much bigger... a great reminder to never sweat the small stuff..... and to ask for help when needed.   Thank you for the gifts you share... I look forward to our next meeting.
With my deepest aloha and love
S.C., Hawaii

Lynn, I just wanted you to know that I've listened to my recording several times and I am still amazed at how accurate you were.  I can't begin to tell you how much your words and even the sound of your voice has been like a healing blanket over my soul.  Your gift is an incredible blessing to so many of us here on earth and in the next life as well. I can't imagine your journey has been an easy one, knowing, seeing, and feeling some of the things you do, but please know that you have touched my life in a way that I will always be grateful for and you will always have a very special place in my heart. Thank you for honoring and sharing your sacred gift. I absolutely plan on speaking with you again and again and again!
May peace and love always surround you,
M.S., ~ ND

Lynn, I have listened to the recording of our session twice now.  It is particularly helpful to use it before a meditation session.  I am more "open" after I listen to it, so it enhances the meditation. Also, every time I listen to it I learn something new, that I missed before.  It's the gift that just keeps on giving! Thank you so much for that!  
J.C., ~ UT

Lynn, thank you so much for your time earlier this week.  I am just downloading the reading to listen to it again, but I wanted to share some feedback with you.  I really enjoyed it!
One of the most significant things was that you tuned in on my husband and picked up "sticky" energy around him, and in fact he'd been in a terrible funk all day and I wasn't sure why.  Anyway, during our call you sent him healing, and he was in another room and unaware of it. Anyway, when I got off the phone with you, my husband was relaxing and laughing out loud at the TV (he rarely laughs out loud) and his mood was a 180 turn from where he had been all day. Also, his dad came in during our reading, and when I asked what he was watching on TV, he was watching something that made him think of his dad, and that is why he was laughing! 
I was really amazed at your healing energy and how much it affected him and our relationship that evening, and even for the past few days. Thanks and Blessings,
A.S.,~ NY

Lynn, thank you so much for the reading on Monday.  It was amazing, mind blowing, and life changing for me.  I can't thank you enough.  I have already listened to the audio files several times and will listen to it several more, I am sure.  You have a truly amazing gift, and I really appreciate you sharing it with me.  Thank you.
C.N.,~ Boulder, CO

Lynn has been a blessing and gift for me from a higher power.  The reading and healing she did for me were beyond anything I could have hoped for.  But then again I knew from the moment I met her they would be.
Marlene J.,~ Ocean Shores, WA. 

Lynn is a wonderful and professional psychic medium. Lynn has provided psychic readings and healings for my family members, my pets, and me. I strongly recommend her as a reader and teacher in any area of the psychic realm.  With her caring and loving spirit, Lynn communicates what she sees in your energy field and helps heal you.  I always feel better and deeply know that a healing has occurred when Lynn psychically reads me.
Gwen G., ~ Monument, CO

Thank you sooOooo much, Lynn.  What a fabulous reading.  I feel really hopeful and at peace right now.  What a gift you have.  Thank you for sharing it with me. 
Much love,
Paula F.,  ~ Denver, CO

Lynn is an incredible psychic medium and healer.  I am so grateful and proud to say she is also my teacher!  She has helped and guided me on my personal spiritual path like no other.  Especially during readings, I’ve presented Lynn with what I felt were very difficult questions.  She’s answered my questions in great detail with ease and clarity, but more importantly in a most respectful and gentle manner.  My soul feels safe in her care.  
S.Z., ~ Castle Rock, CO

Lynn is my teacher, and you won't find anyone better than her. She's encouraging, fun, patient, understanding. She is really good at what she teaches as well as her readings. The first time I had a reading with Lynn, I thought she was reading my mind! Everything she said was right on and gave me so much insight to the challenges I was facing. She is very skilled at moving all kinds of foreign energy and programming that no longer serves you. And I know this from firsthand experiences with her. Lynn's psychic abilities are amazing!
Sarah S., ~ Denver

I am a current student of 'Living With Spirit'. Lynn provides the necessary learning space that promotes spiritual growth and confidence. She is always willing to assist when asked, and/or steps in when necessary. She is attentive to the needs of her students. When giving a reading, she is precise and to the point, providing detailed information (my personal reading included names, target personalities, overall snapshot scenarios, etc.). Her command of her 'spiritual tool case' is truly inspirational, and is highly recommended for any aspirant on the path to spiritual cultivation. 
Debbie P., ~ Highlands Ranch, CO

Lynn you are an angel, you have brought so much hope and light into my life over the past few months.  Everything you have said so far has come to pass.  I trust and believe in you and hope others will give you a try because I am truly amazed at how accurate you are.  I can be so upset and anxious and within minutes after speaking to you I am peaceful and happy!  You are gifted and truly amazing and I thank you for everything you have given me!
V.C., ~ New York

Lynn, I thank you with all my heart. You turn negative into positive the minute you speak, you are wonderful. Thank you again.
Meagan H., ~ Oxfordshire, UK

I want to give a big thanks to Lynn for the many readings she has done for me in the past. Lynn has picked-up on things in my life that no one else has.  She has provided past life information that has resonated for me and this information has really cleared some old stuck issues for me.  She has also given me estimated time-frames for events to happen and has been spot-on about them!  She is one of the few readers whose accuracy I totally trust.  Lynn doesn’t sugar-coat what she sees - she gives the truth but gives it with compassion and support!
Sara G., ~ CA

Lynn, Whatever you did over the weekend totally worked! Not only did I have 5 showings over 2 days but I got 2 offers. And the lady with the VA loan was able to work out her financing with the HOA and after submitting a new offer, I'm now under contract! Hopefully this goes to closing... Thanks again for all your help. I appreciate everything and will continue to recommend your service.
Lesley B., ~ Denver, CO

Lynn, many thanks for the wonderful reading. I can not tell you how light and amazing I felt afterward. 
P.B., ~ Queensland, AU

Lynn is amazingly accurate! She quickly hears answers from her Spirit Guides. I have spoken to Lynn twice and in each reading, she gave me so many details without me saying a word.  She even gave me some wonderful communication from my departed mother and I can’t thank her enough for this wonderful gift!
D.S., ~ Los Angeles, CA

I got a new puppy, Waldo and my older dog Chowder was having adjustment issues and pet psychic Lynn Austin looked at the dogs and cleared some energy.  The information I was given was that Chowder was having some arthritis flair up after too much activity.   Her snapping was due to pain and not hostility.  Everything Lynn said was right on!  She also suggested a heated dog bed and the improvement is remarkable!   I would get another reading for my dogs! 
Colleen D. ~ Westminster, CO

Lynn was able to hit the nail on the head concerning issues in my personal and professional life, as well as the lives of those close to me. What she said to me was quite inspiring on a number of levels, and has certainly set into motion a series of positive changes in my life. For that, I thank her!  
Jo Ann H. ~ Denver, CO

Lynn Austin is a gifted psychic that makes you feel as if you were speaking with an old friend. She is full of insight and is incredibly accurate but most of all she is full of love and positive energy. I never once felt rushed to end my session and she was dedicated to making sure all my questions were answered.  Lynn gave me the tools needed to stay on a positive path.  
I consider Lynn a true blessing for those that come in contact with her and I plan on using her services for years to come. 
N.K., ~ Fort Collins, CO

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