Lynn is a professional psychic medium. Lynn provides psychic readings and healings for your body, spirit or your space (home or business) on any issue of concern, such as relationship (love), family, money, career, health, etc.  As a pet communicator, she can read and heal your pets, living or departed.  During a reading/healing, Lynn will communicate what she sees in the energy field surrounding your body.  As energy in your space is revealed and healed, Lynn helps move blocks or old beliefs that have collected in your body or spirit from this or past lives. She can help neutralize old karma that is ready to be resolved. 

Certain beliefs or energies can prevent you from moving forward in this life, and Lynn can help pinpoint what’s happening and help you release.  Lynn specializes in reading and moving energy around departed spirits and has aided in missing persons and paranormal investigations.  Lynn’s readings can provide numerous benefits to those longing to reconnect with kindred spirits, departed loved ones or to connect with beings and energies in the spirit world, including angels and spirit guides. Lynn can help you gain peace and increased spiritual awareness. Lynn’s readings are considered spiritual readings, because they create a bridge between our world and the spiritual realm.  Losing a life partner, child, family member or friend due to unexpected circumstances has the potential to destroy your life.  Getting another opportunity to communicate or say goodbye can provide comfort and peace.  Knowing your loved one is still there by getting a sign or answer to a question can help to ease the pain and grief of loss. 

At the age of 7, Lynn suffered a concussion from a violent attack.  After this near-death experience and recovery, Lynn began to see and hear spirits.  This was very frightening for her as there was no support system at that time.  The “New Age” movement was just beginning and her family was unsure if these encounters were the result of damage suffered from her head trauma. As Lynn matured, the experiences increased and became more intense and terrifying to the point that Lynn was hearing the thoughts of strangers and people around her (both incarnate and discarnate beings). Many times she wished that this “gift” would simply go away as it was making her life very difficult as well as forcing Lynn to choose to become reclusive to avoid these encounters.  

Lynn stopped talking about her experiences since her family and friends thought she had developed psychological issues and an overactive imagination.  Lynn’s psychic utterances also scared others.  At that time she found it was best to block and suppress her external sharing and continued to deal with everything coming in from spirit on her own.  When Lynn was in her early 20’s, she began to understand and read more about what was happening to her and she has been using her “psychic space” ever since.   

Lynn has studied psychology, akashic records, hypnosis, past life regression, the angelic realm, metaphysics, clairvoyance, trance mediumship and the religion of spiritualism.  

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